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Swim School Staff

We realize the quality of our programs depends on the quality of our instructors. For this reason, our instructors are chosen based on their qualifications, communication skills, patience, and love for children. Our structured training program ensures that each student receives the finest hands-on instruction available. Regardless of their age or skill level, students will discover that continuous interaction with our warm and caring instructors develops trust and stability both in and out of the water. We are pleased to give our swimmers a qualified team of experienced, mature professionals who are devoted to making a positive impact on their students.

Elk Grove
Alyssa learned how to swim at age 5 and swam competitively for two years. Her favorite stroke is Breaststroke. Alyssa gained experience working with children ages newborn to 12 years old as a nanny. Her favorite part about teaching swim lessons is being able to learn her students strengths and weaknesses while helping them progress in the water. Alyssa is currently studying Biochemistry at Cal State University, Fullerton. She is a huge fan of Disney and enjoys hiking on her days off.

Additional Skills: Adult

April learned how to swim when she was six months old and her favorite stroke is Freestyle. She participated in swimming classes in both high school and college. She gained experience working with children through being a babysitter, and volunteering at her local church’s children’s ministry for seven years. She has a passion for teaching swimming lessons because she loves teaching her students new skills that help them gain more confidence in the water and she enjoys teaching water safety in a fun and engaging way. April currently studies Child Development at Fullerton College and Santiago Canyon College. A fun fact about April is that she has five brothers and three sisters, and she taught all of them how to swim!

Bryan learned how to swim when he was six years old, and he grew to love the water. He gained experience working with children through volunteering at a preschool. Bryan’s favorite thing about teaching swimming lessons is meeting new students and sharing in their excitement as they progress at a new skill. He currently attends Cal State Fullerton and is majoring in Business. A fun fact about Bryan is that he loves to surf!

Additional Skills: Bilingual in Spanish

Chris R.
La Habra Heights
Chris learned how to swim when he was three years old. He is a cross-country runner and enjoys swimming often for exercise. His favorite stroke is freestyle. Chris is excited to teach and mentor his students, while sharing his swimming knowledge with them. He currently attend Chapman University and enjoys running, playing piano and writing. An interesting fact about Chris is that he loves Spongebob!