Blossom Hill Staff

Swim School Staff

We realize the quality of our programs depends on the quality of our instructors. For this reason, our instructors are chosen based on their qualifications, communication skills, patience, and love for children. Our structured training program ensures that each student receives the finest hands-on instruction available. Regardless of their age or skill level, students will discover that continuous interaction with our warm and caring instructors develops trust and stability both in and out of the water. We are pleased to give our swimmers a qualified team of experienced, mature professionals who are devoted to making a positive impact on their students.



Antonia began swimming at the age of one with the help from her grandparents. Her favorite part about teaching swimming lessons is being able to see her students build confidence in the water and begin to let go of their fear of the water. Antonia has worked with children of all ages while working at a Boys and Girls Club and a Pre K Daycare. She is currently attending Skyline College where she is studying Emergency Medicine. Some of her hobbies include swimming, reading and going to the beach.


San Jose

Autumn began swimming the age of one and has enjoyed swimming ever since. One of her favorite strokes is Backstroke and her favorite event is the 200 Backstroke. Autumn swam competitively for six years, from middle school through high school. What she enjoys most about teaching swimming lessons is working with children and watching them advance in a new skill. When she is not swimming, Autumn enjoys surfing and scuba. She is currently working on getting her advance scuba certificates.


Additional Skills: Bilingual in French


San Jose

Elijah began swimming at the age of six and his favorite stroke is Freestyle. He gained most of his experience with children helping his church youth group with students ranging in age from eight to thirteen. He also babysat his younger brother and cousins. What Elijah enjoys most about being a swim instructor is helping others improve in a sport that he is passionate about. He also loves to see his students reach their goals. Elijah is currently attending Mission College where he is studying Fire Protection Technology. During his free time, he likes to play sports and video games. He also loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Additional Skills: Bilingual in Spanish


Virginia Beach

MJ began swimming at the age of five and her favorite stroke is Backstroke. What she enjoys most about being a swim instructor is watching her students grow into confident swimmers. She currently attends Evergreen Valley College where she is preparing for medical school. When she is not swimming, MJ enjoys hanging out with friends and family, going to concerts and hiking.


Additional Skills: Bilingual in Tagalog


San Jose

William began swimming at the age of four with the help of his family. One of his favorite stroke is Freestyle. His favorite part about teaching swimming lessons is meeting and creating a bond with each and every one of his students. William has worked with children ranging in age from ten to fourteen years old while working as a Tech for both Ida Price Middle School and Union Middle School. He would teach students how to march, drum, and read music. When he is not swimming, he enjoys drumming, reading and musicals.