Dive & Turns Clinic

Dives and Turns Clinic

Waterworks Aquatics is offering Dives and Turns Clinics in order to provide a 60 minute group class where instruction will focus solely on improving a swimmer’s racing-starts, flip-turns, and open-turns for all 4 competitive strokes. We are encouraging the students to sign up for as many sessions as they can make so that they can continually improve upon these important aspects of competitive swimming. They will be taught by Instructors with a strong competitive swimming background.

Highlands Ranch Dives & Turns Clinic 2019:
Sunday, March 1012:00 PMSunday, July 1412:00 PM
Sunday, April 712:00 PMSunday, August 1112:00 PM
Sunday, May 512:00 PMSunday, September 812:00 PM
Sunday, June 212:00 PM  

Note: Participants must be registered and paid for at least one day prior to the scheduled date. Programs are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment so please call ahead before coming into our facility if same day registration is requested.

$30.00 per swimmer each class

Start Time:

Course Overview:

Each 60 minute class will cover:

  • Backstroke Starts
  • Track Start Dive
  • Breaststroke Start & Pull Down
  • Freestyle Flip Turn
  • Backstroke Flip Turn
  • & Butterfly Open Turns

For more information and to register by phone, please contact our office at 720-344-7700