Adult Stroke Clinic

Adult Stroke Clinic

Are you an adult interested in taking a group class to learn how to swim or to help improve your technique in the four competitive swimming strokes?

Our adult stroke clinics are designed for adults who desire to improve their swimming in a group setting.

Many adults who already know how to swim have the potential to be even stronger swimmers. However, without adequate guidance and instruction, they may not learn the proper techniques. As a result, improper techniques develop into bad habits which can hinder progress.

Adult Stroke Clinic puts emphasis on proper technique over speed. A strong technical foundation will ensure that you will progress much faster when the time comes for to work on speed. The stroke clinic is exciting and fast paced, and students will receive a great workout.

Classes Offered:

  • Beginner Stroke Clinic Class (40 minute lesson):
    • Breathe control, balance, and buoyancy.
    • Learn to swim skills – how to be independent in the water and swim across the pool unassisted
    • Physical conditioning – to build strength and stamina
    • Intensive coaching – swimmers are given individualized critique and guidance
  • Intermediate Stroke Clinic Class (40 minute lesson):
    • Stroke refinement on all 4 strokes – to prevent bad habits
    • Physical conditioning – to build strength and stamina
    • Advanced skills – Skills that are beyond basic swimming such as starts and turns
    • Intensive coaching – Students are given individualized critiquing and guidance

Class Requirements:
Beginner Stroke Clinic: (minimum of 4 students per class)

  • Level 1-4 swimmers
  • Individuals who cannot yet swim 25 yards independently across the pool

Intermediate Stroke Clinic: (minimum of 4 students per class)

  • Level 5 and higher swimmers
  • Individuals who can swim 25 yards across pool independently


Adult Stroke
Clinic Lessons
(Groups of 4-6)
Your Cost Reg. Cost Savings
8 $170 $192 $22
12 $244 $288 $44
18 $355 $432 $77
24 $466 $576 $110
32 $601 $768 $167
40 $736 $960 $224
46 $831 $1104 $273
52 $931 $1248 $317
58 $1025 $1392 $637

Our Adult Stroke Clinic classes are set up based on interest and demand. If you or anyone else that you know is interested in creating a Stroke Clinic group, please let our front desk know and they will take down the best days and times for you so that we can confirm staffing and establish a reoccurring class time.

Classes must have a minimum of 4 swimmers to get started, and can accommodate up to 6. 

Lessons are sold in packages and classes can be scheduled either once a week, or multiple times per week based on your availability and our ability to accommodate the scheduling request.

You may also inquire if there are any previously established Adult Stroke Clinic classes that have space for you to join.

For further information, please call our office at: 720-344-7700