“My daughter started taking lessons with Waterworks Swim School-Sorrento Valley because she was scared of putting her head in the water at the age of 3. She took lessons for 1.5 years for two days a week in San Diego. After 3 lessons at Waterworks she was able to put her head underwater which speed up her swimming skills so fast. The swim coaches were the best I have seen to date. They are patient, fun and caring! Because of the swim coaches our daughter is so advanced compared to the girls and boys in her pre-school. Sadly enough we had to move away from where Waterworks is located and enrolled her in another program. She was so advanced comparative to eh other children in her class that she was placed in a class with older children that were 4 stages higher than her age! So now she swims with kids 3-4 years older than her and is just as good of a swimmer. We were very proud of Waterworks and glad we spent the money. Waterworks is totally worth the money and now our daughter is very safe in the water and can even dive off of diving boards with ease.”

Scott Carrico
San Diego

“From the first phone call to the last lesson, we had a delightfully jaw dropping experience. You don’t see businesses ran so seamlessly & in favor of the customer to this degree. I was given ALL the info needed upon my first call, which to my surprise, included that I could cancel my lesson up until 2 hours before with no penalties (jaw drop!) This was a busy mother of multiple children’s shock, awe, & dream come true to hear! Not only that, they accommodated the instructor’s personality to the needs of my child. The office staff was thorough and delightful, our instructor, Jesse, was encouraging & experienced & got our son floating on his back by lesson #2 (a task we’d been trying for a year!) My son asked every day if he could go to swim class that day! Jesse gave us feedback on what to work on with our son at home as well, which was appreciated. Phenomenally ran business, incredible staff, & clean facilities. WELL DONE WATERWORKS AQUATICS!!!”

Rebecca Calhoun

“I am so very happy with Waterworks ! My 6 year old daughter has been very hard to teach to swim due to a very large fear of water on her face. We thought we had tried everything to get her past this but her fears had got so bad she would freak out even in the bath tub getting her hair washed making such an everyday task a real problem. By the end of the very 1st lesson she was voluntarily putting her face in the water and pushing off the wall to go to her instructor! By the 3rd lesson she was confidently floating on her back all by herself! Her attitude now about the water is totally changed and though she does still have to have encouragement to work through her fear she is able to swim several strokes and then float on her back when tired. We just bought a second package and have our 8th lesson this week. I can't believe the difference, thank you instructor Tracy !! Also, the little swim/play area for the kids before and after the lesson makes such a big difference and the other big swim center in the area does not have this. And the place is always very clean including the bathroom and showers and this is a big deal to me. They even have little wall seats for babies so I can put my 9 month in that while I assist my older daughter. I can't wait to do mommy and me classes there with my little one later this year! ”

Jamie F.

“Pardon me while I brag. My granddaughter came to Waterworks not even being able to float on her back. After 6 lessons, she entered the swim competition and came in 3rd in backstroke and second in freestyle. Her instructor, Caz attended the swim competition despite having an injured wrist so that he could help her get ready and give her the confidence she needed. She was absolutely thrilled, and said she felt like she was in the Olympics. Although the price of semi-private lessons is a bit more, the kids learn so much faster, and also learn how to do all of the strokes well. My sons hated group swimming lessons. Thank goodness for Waterworks ”

Connie Pearce

“I'm very happy with this swim school so far. Today was lesson number one for my 5 and 7 year old girls. They have access to a pool at home, but were hard to teach. After only one lesson, the 5 year old is comfortable swimming and putting her face in the water and floating on her back. The 7 year old has learned to swim free style instead of dog paddling.

I really like the style of teaching, where all of the kids are taught to be water safe. They swim as far as they can, and when tired, roll over onto their back and float to rest up. Then they swim again. It was amazing to see even very young kids making their way across the pool.

We picked the instructors out of the blue, and both girls already love their teachers. ”

Lynette King

“My two sons have been taking lessons at Waterworks Aquatics for two weeks now. My older son Devon was already able to swim when he started, but his confidence was low and his swimming style was more like a survival mode rather than fun and productive. Our first day at lessons Devon met his swim instructor, Cory. Devon took to him right away and Cory made him feel very safe and confident. I have watched my son transform in just two short weeks under Cory's instruction. He is now swimming like a pro! I know I am his mom and of course a little biased, but I seriously cannot believe the technique that Cory has taught him in such a short amount of time. He is swimming freestyle with better form than I could ever dream of having myself. His instructor gave him the confidence he needed and had the knowledge to teach him wonderful technique. Cory has been more than an instructor to my son, he also has been very kind and playful to make swimming so much fun. Devon asks every morning is today swimming lessons? He can hardly wait to get back to see what else his instructor is going to teach him. My son has always said that he wanted to be a football player or a baseball player when he grows up, but now "Olympic Swimmer" is his new choice! ”

Molly Corder

“My 2 year old (almost 3) daughter Sydney has been taking swimming lessons for 10 weeks now, twice a week. We are amazed at her progress. We put her in swimming lessons because she has two older brothers and wants to keep up with them. I honestly thought it was a little early but to our surprise she is actually swimming. Her teacher Jack (who Sydney calls "Mr. Jack")is great with her. Her first few lessons he took the time to build a rapport with her so she could trust him in the water. He is so sweet with her but yet pushes her to do her best. We cannot thank Jack enough.

The facility is very clean and the rest of the staff is wonderful. Kelsey at the front desk is wonderful and greets us with a smile every time we walk through the door. She is also helpful setting up lesson dates/times.

We highly recommend Waterworks Aquatics in Carlsbad! ”

Greg & Kim Renner

“My son, Keoni, took swim lessons when he was 2 years old. Unfortunately, we don't own a pool and years went by before Keoni had access to a pool again. He had forgotten how to swim and became fearful of the water. He actually started having nightmares about going swimming and would cry whenever we mentioned maybe going swimming or possibly going in the ocean. He is now 6 years old and until yesterday, deathly afraid of the water. When he was told that he had won 8 lessons at Waterworks Aquatics in Carlsbad, he started crying, got anxious and felt nauseous.

The day came (yesterday) to go to his swim lesson. In the morning, Keoni cried and asked not to go. We had a talk about fears and how we need to face them to overcome them. We talked about the biblical story of David and Goliath and how what sometimes might seem impossible, can be done if we put our fear aside and reach for the goal through faith and persistence.

Keoni not only thrived at his lesson with his amazing instructor, Josh, he began SWIMMING on his own in the side pool after his lesson. He did not want to even leave! Josh was kind, patient, focused, intentional, loving, supportive and absolutely amazing as he worked with my sweet boy. He was also versatile, working with one other little girl while Keoni was on his back, and then would switch to work one-on-one with Keoni — putting the other girl on his back to watch.

I am so very impressed with Waterworks Aquatics, their front office staff, and of course, Keoni's instructor, Josh. Keoni now LOVES the water and can't wait to go back next week. You turned a scared little boy, into a courageous, water loving boy! Thank you, guys — can't wait to see you next week!”

Ro Garriott
El Cajon

Trevor and Sam have been taking swimming lessons for almost 6 months. Trevor (9), had a near drowning experience prior to coming to Waterworks and he was so scared at the beginning of the lessons. Trevor now has learned how to swim almost all the styles except butterfly, Sam still needs to learn 2 more styles. I like Waterworks a lot because the water is warm, the bathrooms are clean and great Customer service. Chandler is my kids instructor, he is so patient and does an excellent job of explaining the movements in the water to them, he has a great talent teaching the children He is very nice and my kids love him. My kids love their swimming lessons and they are not afraid anymore. We recommend Waterworks and Chandler a lot.

Marilou Acheff

“My 7 year old twins and 4 year old daughter are now in their second season of taking swim lessons at Waterworks in Carlsbad. The facility is fantastic, clean and organized. The staff is helpful and the play pool is absolutely genius! Instructor Jack is wonderful with my daughter. He is so patient and so kind and caring toward my daughter. Swimming with Jack on Sundays is the highlight of her day. We are so grateful to him for teaching her to swim and play safely in the water. ”

June Coronella

“Our daughters (7 and 5 yrs old) have been attending swimming lessons at Waterworks Aquatics in Carlsbad twice a week. In less than a month, we have noticed great progress. They are always excited to do their swimming lessons. Their instructor, Tyler P is awesome and highly recommended. He teaches very well. He makes every lesson simple and fun. Our girls learn fast and they like him very much. The facility is great and the personnel/staff are wonderful. So far it has been a great experience and we are thankful to our friends who recommended Waterworks Aquatics to us.”

Ran/Lan V.
San Marcos

“My daughter is 4 ½ and has been taking lessons for several months with Caitlin. Katie is naturally a thoughtful and cautious kid, but she trusts Caitlin completely and loves swimming with her. She has made great progress, and I credit Waterworks’ system and our teacher's firm but encouraging guidance. Thanks for helping Katie love swimming!”

Sara K

“This is a great place for swimming lessons. My kids 8 and 7 yrs old have been attending this facility for only 1 -1/2 month twice a week. We have seen a huge improvement with their swimming skills. The instructors are great and very well experienced. You will definitely see progressed in your child in every session. I would recommend this place and my children instructor Chris B, he is outstanding. ”

Leah H.
San Marcos

“We have been taking our granddaughter to Waterworks Aquatics for several years now. She has made excellent progress and has become a very good swimmer. The techniques the instructors use and their patience have made it a wonderful experience. The private and semi-private lessons assure lots of individual attention. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful!”

Linda F.

“I am an adult beginner and I cannot say enough nice things about Waterworks. I was petrified about being in the water because of a scary incident when I was a kid. I admit I am still nervous about being in the water at the deep end after 8 classes but I am quite confident that I can handle myself in an emergency if needed. I was absolutely sure I could not float on my back before I started lessons, but at the end of the first lesson with Caz, I was actually doing back floats! I cannot describe the elation! I have also had lessons from Ryan and Tim and they are great! Tim coaxed me into the deep end yesterday and even held my hand as convinced me to get under water at the deep end. The entire time, he was incredibly encouraging. Rightly so, he explained the importance of psychology and the power of the mind during swimming. My daughters take lessons with Elva and she's excellent as well. Elva has again helped my 6 year old with her confidence level in just a few classes – my daughter now has advanced a couple of levels very quickly. She used to not to be able to be in the water without an instructor by her side at the "other" swim place. At Waterworks, in just a couple of classes, she learned to do back floats which has helped her confidence a lot. The pace at which she is learning has been quite surprising.

About the facility, the staff is very polite and accommodating. They do a great job with re-scheduling classes if needed. The facility itself is at a perfect location for me. The showers/bathrooms are clean and private. I plan to keep up with my swimming with a lap swim pass when I am confident enough to not need lessons any more. I absolutely plan to have my girls in swim meets and swim competitions when they are ready as well.

I would highly recommend Waterworks to my friends! ”

Jaya C.

“My 4 year old son loves taking swimming lessons at the Carlsbad location. We have been taking him for semi-private lessons for about a month, 3 times a week and he has learned so much. When he started, he was scared of learning to swim. The progress we have seen since then is just great. He has so much fun with his coach, Mike G., that now he talks about swimming all the time. Mike makes the lessons so fun. The whole facility is beautiful and the online scheduling is very convenient. I can't say enough good things about Waterworks Aquatics.”

Christina Hackett
San Marcos