Swim School Staff – Torrance

Swim School Staff

We realize the quality of our programs depends on the quality of our instructors. For this reason, our instructors are chosen based on their qualifications, communication skills, patience, and love for children. Our structured training program ensures that each student receives the finest hands-on instruction available. Regardless of their age or skill level, students will discover that continuous interaction with our warm and caring instructors develops trust and stability both in and out of the water. We are pleased to give our swimmers a qualified team of experienced, mature professionals who are devoted to making a positive impact on their students.



Bianca learned how to swim at the age of three. She swam competitively all throughout high school and is now currently swimming for her college swim team. Her favorite stroke is Butterfly and some of her favorite events include 100 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly and the 400 Relay. Her favorite part about teaching swimming lessons is watching as her students continue to improve and reach their swimming goals. Bianca has worked with children of all ages, prior to working with us here at Waterworks she worked as a swim instructor at her local YMCA. Bianca is currently attending Rio Hondo College an studying Architecture. During her free time she really enjoys going to the beach and practicing swimming against the current, reading and cooking.

Additional Skills: Bilingual in Spanish



Brianna began swimming at the young age of four when her family started teaching her how to swim. Some of her favorite strokes include Backstroke and Sidestroke. Brianna has been working with children of all ages and she gained most of her experience through babysitting and teaching her nieces and nephews how to swim at home. What she enjoys most about teaching is being able to teach her students something new while still having fun. Brianna is currently attending El Camino College, where she is studying Political Science. Some of her hobbies include painting, cooking and reading.

Additional Skills: Bilingual - Fluent in American Sign Language;

Specialties - Special Needs


Harbor City

Lily began swimming when she was just two months old and has continued to love swimming ever since. She gained experience working with children as a child care supervisor, where she organized activities and ensured their safety. Her favorite part of teaching swimming lessons is helping her students feel comfortable and confident in the water. A fun fact about Lily is she loves camping, airplanes, and Star Wars.



Lydia began swimming when she was only a few years old and has loved the water ever since. Her passion for swimming and the art of teaching lead her to assist her swimming coach during her high school years. She has worked with children of all ages through babysitting and later becoming a Nanny for a group of siblings. Her favorite part about teaching swimming lessons is watching her students retaining vital knowledge in the water, then seeing her students enjoying their own accomplishments. Lydia is currently attending El Camino College where she is working on getting her Bachelors in English. During her spare time she loves to swim, write poetry and short stories, travel, and hang out with her dogs.


Long Beach

Sabrina learned how to swim when she was four years old and her favorite stroke is Backstroke. She swam competitively throughout high school and she rose to become the coach’s assistant. Sabrina gained experience working with children through babysitting younger family members. Her favorite thing about teaching swimming lessons is that she can pass on the swimming knowledge she has gained through over six years of competitive swimming. Sabrina is currently studying Sports Psychology at Long Beach Community College. A fun fact about Sabrina is that she loves to paint!


Huntington Park

Yulma began swimming at the age of ten. She also continued to swim competitively for two years in high school. One of her favorite strokes is Backstroke and her favorite event is the Medley relay. Her favorite part about teaching swim lessons is being able to interact with children and help them learn a valuable life skill. Yulma has worked with children of all ages, she started off babysitting and later began working as an EMT where she would help transport children to different hospitals. Yulma is currently attending California State University Los Angeles where she is studying Natural Science. On her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, watching movies and working on arts and crafts.

Additional Skills - Bilingual in Spanish