Parent and Me Schedule

Parent and Me Swim Schedule

Beginner Class: Students ages 3-36 months will be introduced to basic swimming skills, explanations,
and holds. (Introductory course) 

Intermediate Class: Students ages 3-36 months will increase their independence in the water in
addition to working on back floating and rollover breathing. 

Advanced Class: Students ages 3-36 months will receive more individualized attention from the teacher
in a small group setting. Students will learn how to independently roll to their backs to breathe in the

*You may form your own parent & me class at any time or day if you have a group of 4 or more people
for a Beginner or Intermediate class or 2 or more people for an Advanced Class. 

Please call the front desk for available class openings for this week. The openings displayed are
for next week only and are subject to change. If you would like to schedule a lesson, please click
here or call the front desk.

*Teachers may change without notice 

*Level and class times may change