Swim Competitions

Swim Competitions

Swim competitions are open to the public and are designed for Level 5 swimmers and higher (ages 2 years and older).

Carlsbad Swim Competition Dates 2018:
January 13th
1:30 PM
June 23rd
1:30 PM
February 17th
1:30 PM
July 14th
1:30 PM
March 3rd
1:30 PM
August 4th
1:30 PM
March 17th
1:30 PM
September 8th
1:30 PM
April 14th
1:30 PM
October 13th
1:30 PM
May 12th
1:30 PM
November 10th
1:30 PM
June 9th
1:30 PM
December 8th
1:30 PM

Swim Competition Times:
Registration closes at 11:30am. The pool will be available at 1:00pm for warm-up. Meet begins at 1:30pm (Meet should be over by 4:30pm)

You may now register(pay by checking account routing # or credit card) online at waterworksswimonline.com

Expected start time of Carlsbad events (times below are estimates only):

* 1:30 I.M & Butterfly Events
* 1:50 Backstroke Events
* 2:10 Breaststroke Events
* 2:40 Freestyle Events

What to bring:
Feel free to bring extra chairs as seating is limited.

Members:$5 entry fee plus $3.00 per event.
Non-members:$10 entry fee plus $3.00 per event.

Entries are due the Thursday before the competition date. Entries will be taken the day of the meet but will be charged a $5 late fee. We limit enrollment for the indoor meets so please register early as we expect to sell out.

Ribbons will be awarded to ALL participants. Time improvement ribbons will also be awarded to participants that have swum in a past meet and have achieved their personal best time. In addition, trophies will be awarded to swimmers that have received 15, 30, 50, 75, 125, 200, and 300 ribbons (includes participant, placement and time improvement ribbons).
*A COIN TOSS will be held at the close of the swim meet for all participants*

Competitions will be held in our Junior Olympic indoor 25-yard, 4 lane pool. Diving off of the blocks will be optional.

Disqualifications will be given out at the discretion of the meet referee.

Refreshments and food will be available for purchase at our snack shop. Hotdogs, Cheeseburgers, Dippin Dots, and a variety of other snacks will be served.

For further information contact our office.

At Waterworks Aquatics, we strive to be the best. We would deeply appreciate your input on how we can better our swim competitions. Please take a few moments to complete our survey by clicking on the button below. Thank you again for your feedback!