Karie Goldberg 

“I am an adult beginner and I cannot say enough nice things about Waterworks. I was petrified about being in the water because of a scary incident when I was a kid. I admit I am still nervous about being in the water at the deep end after 8 classes but I am quite confident that I can handle myself in an emergency if needed. I was absolutely sure I could not float on my back before I started lessons, but at the end of the first lesson with Caz, I was actually doing back floats! I cannot describe the elation! I have also had lessons from Ryan and Tim and they are great! Tim coaxed me into the deep end yesterday and even held my hand as convinced me to get under water at the deep end. The entire time, he was incredibly encouraging. Rightly so, he explained the importance of psychology and the power of the mind during swimming. My daughters take lessons with Elva and she's excellent as well. Elva has again helped my 6 year old with her confidence level in just a few classes – my daughter now has advanced a couple of levels very quickly. She used to not to be able to be in the water without an instructor by her side at the "other" swim place. At Waterworks, in just a couple of classes, she learned to do back floats which has helped her confidence a lot. The pace at which she is learning has been quite surprising.  About the facility, the staff is very polite and accommodating. They do a great job with re-scheduling classes if needed. The facility itself is at a perfect location for me. The showers/bathrooms are clean and private. I plan to keep up with my swimming with a lap swim pass when I am confident enough to not need lessons any more. I absolutely plan to have my girls in swim meets and swim competitions when they are ready as well.  I would highly recommend Waterworks to my friends! ” 
Jaya C. 


“ Signed our 2.5 year old daughter up for semi-private class based on over-the-phone assessment from Waterworks advisor. She immediately swam off with her instructor and has been making incredible progress every week. Once a kid who was afraid of the water, she now ducks under for over five seconds and seems to be a total fish as a result of these few lessons. We have high hopes for continuing improvement! ” 
Emily Fox 
Los angeles 

“My son Connor has been attending Waterworks Aquatics since he was 10 months old. Now at 2 yrs, 2 months old he can swim independently half the length of the pool!! I have friends who take their children to other swim programs and they are amazed at how much Connor learns at Waterworks! The facility is clean, the water is always warm, the front office staff is helpful and the instructors are wonderful! We feel very grateful for Waterworks Aquatics for all they have done!!” 
Jennifer Faggionato 


“As our children have gotten older, we have been to numerous swim schools (3 in all), and Waterworks Aquatics is by far, the most SUPERIOR swim school we've attended. The facility is OUTSTANDING with its multiple pools to accommodate all ages (we should have started with them 5 years ago–I wouldn't have had to change schools) from infants to adults. The numerous shower stalls available to rinse off and change (privately) are an added bonus. The monthly swim meets are a lot of fun, and I am always amazed at how such young children can swim with so much skill, not to mention the older children who are equally impressive. But most important, the teachers are EXCELLENT (many of them still swim competitively) and the office staff is AWESOME–personable, warm, friendly and accommodating to our needs. My son insisted for so long that he cannot float on his back ("because [he’ll] sink") but with gentle persuasion and positive reinforcement from the teachers AND the staff, not only is he floating, he's on top of the world! I started taking my kids to swim school years ago with the intent to "just get them water-safe." After a year and a half at Waterworks, I continue to go week after week because my kids simply LOVE IT and watching them…so do I.” 
Sabina Gandhi 
Laguna Hills 


“My daughter has been taking lessons at Waterworks for about 2 1/2 months. She has taken lessons at other places and actually acquired bad habits, which was corrected once she started her lessons here. If you really want your child to learn the correct form and strokes, this is the place. Another thing I love is that you can choose your instructor that matches your child's personality. All the instructors seem very well trained, but each one has a distinct way of teaching. My daughter started with one instructor who was highly recommended to me by a friend, but after few lessons, I realized that although she was a great instructor, she didn't match very well with my child. They were very nice about matching her with a new instructor and she's been excelling with her new instructor. He's very sensitive to her needs, yet teaches her all the things she needs to know to improve her strokes. She loves her instructor and she can't wait to get into the team. I'm really glad that I found a sport that my daughter really loves. Thank you Waterworks!” 
Rebecca K. 


“My daughter has been to countless swim lessons at a variety of swim schools and has never learned to swim properly until she attended lessons at Waterworks. Due to my work schedule I was unable to see her practice until about 6 weeks after she initially started. Her improvement is nothing short of a miracle. I would recommend Waterworks Aquatics to anyone looking to have their kids learn to swim or merely perfect their strokes.” 
Elizabeth G. 


“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Waterworks Aquatics and how happy of a customer we are. We have tried one other swim school and toured another as well before learning about Waterworks. Waterworks is far better for several reasons: the consistency and method of teaching, the quality of teaching, the warm water, the ease and options of scheduling, the large and clean facility, the patience of the teachers, the shower/changing rooms, and much more. Most importantly, you can tell each teacher is definitely handpicked and trained to teach kids to ease the fear they initially have about water. We have been taking lessons for a little over 2 years at Waterworks. My child is only 3 years old and is completely water safe in a pool!” 
Terri Crow
Lake Forest


“My 8 year old daughter has taken 6 weeks of stroke clinic classes this summer and we have seen remarkable improvement. I had no idea she would be swimming with such confidence so quickly. She really loves coming to swimming and is begging us to continue throughout the year. Her instructors have been very supportive and encouraging while providing excellent instruction. Additionally, the staff at Waterworks has been so helpful and accommodating. They have been a pleasure to work with. I'm impressed that everyone is so organized and professional. Our experience has been fantastic. -Thank you!” 
Jenifer G. 
Aliso Viejo 

“At the age of 57, I decided that it was time to take swimming lessions. I have been taking water aerobics classes here, but was afraid to be in the deep end of the pool or put my face in the water. Now, after 6 lessions, I can swim with my face in the water, roll over to a floating position and exercise in the deep end of the pool. My instructor understood my fears and her knowledge, dedication and commitment to me proved that learning is possible with the right teacher. The facility prides itself on having a clean environment with showers, changing rooms,lounge chairs in both their indoor and outdoor areas. Waterworks Aquatics is the perfect place to learn, swim, exercise and have fun doing it. ”
Trina R. 

“Our grandchildren have been taking lessons for the past 6 months and we are very impressed with what they have learned and how fast they have learned it. Instructors are very good with kids of all ages. Front desk staff is always helpful and friendly. We have tried other lessons and this is by far the best for the money. Thanks to you all at Waterworks. ” 
JoAnn H.
Fountain Valley 

“WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO TRINA. She is absolutely correct. I not only take the Water Aerobics Class on Mon & Wed with her, but I also work with her every day. Since her lessons at Waterworks, her teachers and the staff continue to encourage and uplift her. I have seen such a change in her. THANK YOU to all the wonderful staff that make up that center. You make it a delight to come and exercise. 
Debra S. 

“We have been taking private lessons at Waterworks Aquatics twice a week since June 2004. Our daughter Kaitlin was 4 years old when she started lessons and could not swim at all. Through her instructor’s combination of focus, discipline, and humor, she is now swimming freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. We appreciate the professionally managed operations of the entire facility and like the family-friendly amenities: from the family lounge to the snack bar, to the indoor covered pool and outdoor Jr. Olympic pool. We have tried many swimming schools and instructors in the area but felt most at home with Waterworks Aquatics.” 
Susan K. 
Newport Coast 


“My child has been taking lessons at Waterworks Aquatics since the doors opened last year. She was 2 ½ at the time. She went from screaming and crying to loving the water. Her instructor is compassionate and very thorough. Through her guidance, my child has learned confidence and almost can swim by herself. Waterworks Aquatics is close to my home and always has new swim ideas and great equipment. The staff tries to accommodate each person’s needs.” 
Kathy P. 


“My children have been taking lessons for a year and they love it. Within 3 lessons, they made a lot of progress now they are great swimmers! Waterworks Aquatics is clean and inviting and the instructors are patient and personable with each child. My children especially love the warm water. It is always difficult to get them out of the pool because they love it here.“ 
Yvanka B. 


“ My son has been taking swimming lessons since he was 2 years old – he is now 3. The progress he has made has been amazing. He went from not putting his face in the water to diving for rings. We have been with our instructor for about 6 months and her gentle yet firm approach in the private lessons has made my son excited about coming to swim with her. I have always found Waterworks Aquatics a fun, friendly, and clean environment. It is a place both parent and child can enjoy!“ 
Marcy K. 


“My daughter Nicole has been taking lessons since June 2004 and has progressed steadily with every lesson. She had never learned how to swim before so at first, she was apprehensive until her instructor guided her through every lesson. I highly recommend the instructors and the school to parents who are serious about their children learning how to swim using proper techniques in a clean, safe environment.”
Paula P. 
Laguna Hills 


“My son Alex has been taking lessons at Waterworks Aquatics since November 2004. Alex’s stroke has improved since he began taking lessons here. I like the observation room at Waterworks Aquatics, where I can stay with my infant while Alex is in swim lessons or on the swim team. I like the swim team here at Waterworks Aquatics because there is no pressure for the kids to participate in the swim meets. Alex’s instructor has been great at focusing on Alex’s strokes and the swim team coach, really spends time getting to know the kids on the swim team.”
Pohchee H. 


“My child has been taking lessons at this facility since it opened. He was very timid in the water and cried at times. Now I have to fight to get him out of the pool. He is very close to swimming on his own. My son is now confident in the water.” 
Christina K. 


“My child has been attending Waterworks Aquatics since June 2004. Her skill level has improved dramatically as well as her confidence level and love for the water. Her instructor has proven to be caring and fun and he has the right balance of structure and flexibility. The facility and warm water make this swim school a great year-round option. I have referred many of my friends to Waterworks Aquatics.”
Linda B. 
Laguna Beach