Waterworks Aquatics

“Learning it the right way, right from the beginning”


Waterworks Aquatics offers the finest swimming lessons in California and Denver. We have chosen to share our love of swimming with children and believe there is a swimmer in every child. At Waterworks Aquatics, we pride ourselves on teaching the necessary skills needed to become a comfortable, proficient swimmer right from the beginning.

A good swimmer is one who can move through the water in an efficient and almost effortless manner. Our swim school takes each student from one step to the next without skipping crucial skills or giving children a false sense of security in the water. To achieve the strength, endurance, and flawless technique of a true athlete, one must begin with a solid, foundational program that emphasizes buoyancy, breath control, and proper stroke development, coupled with basic water safety skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and motivate people of all ages to be safer and learn proper swimming technique.

What is Waterworks Aquatics?

Waterworks Aquatics is a premier swim school that teaches children ages 3 months through adult how to swim. (Our Waterworks Swim School locations out of LA Fitness and City Sports Club teach students ages 3 years and older). We are a learning organization with a highly qualified team who creates a customized experience in every realm of aquatic programming as we feel swimming is a life-long skill.

With a supportive atmosphere and child-centered approach, our goal as a swim center is to encourage children to have fun in the water while improving their water skills. Our proven teaching methods and caring instructors will allow children to learn and grow within our program. By utilizing a specialized muscle memory technique, we are able to teach stroke technique at a very quick rate.

The service we provide you and your child extends beyond swim lessons. Lasting relationships are built through a “triangle of communication” between every parent, child, and instructor. We carefully match our students to an instructor who can best understand their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. Each lesson is structured yet flexible to meet the needs of each individual, which allows our students to steadily progress and thrive in a safe, comfortable environment.

Our Facilities

Waterworks Aquatics - Indoor Pool

Waterworks Aquatics offers multiple locations across California and Denver.

Our aquatic center based in Irvine provides quality swim lessons and aquatic programs to the community of South Orange County. Waterworks Aquatics provides a state of the art pool filtration system that allows us to maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere. At more than 32,000 square feet, our Irvine facility is spacious and attractive, accommodating swim classes, wellness programs, and community activities.

Waterworks Aquatics - Outdoor Pool

We offer three enclosed pools that provide warmth, sun protection and are heated to a comfortable temperature. We also feature a 6 lane Junior Olympic-size outdoor pool, heated to 84-86 degrees year round.