Frequently Asked Questions – Swim School

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What services does Waterworks in Beverly Hills provide?
Our Beverly Hills location provides a variety of programs for all ages. We have 1 indoor swimming pool which is heated to 92 degrees year-round. Waterworks provides swim lessons for children 3 months and older as well as birthday parties. Whether your goal is water safety, learning to swim, stroke technique, speed or efficiency then Waterworks Aquatics is the place for you.
What makes your program unique?
We offer the highest quality instruction available. Our students are encouraged to enjoy the water while steadily progressing in stroke development and technique refinement. Our instructors are highly qualified and enjoy teaching children. They remain calm and focused in every lesson. We realize our students are here to learn so we don’t waste time on games or social activities during swim lessons. We have a very high retention rate. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your lessons at Waterworks Aquatics or we will refund your money on the first day if you are not.

You will see improvement! 99% of our students aged 3 years and up can swim and most of these students aged 3 ½ and older can swim 25 yards across the pool by summer end.

How long is each swim lesson?
All of the lessons we offer are 20 minutes long. In our experience, 20-minute lessons work best for children. If lessons are longer than 20 minutes, we would run the risk of losing the child’s attention and not gaining the maximum benefit of the lesson. After you watch the first lesson, you will see that this length of time is right for your child. However, if you feel more time is needed, we can schedule two lessons in a row to give your child 40 minutes in the water.
How many times per week should my child attend lessons?
The more lessons your child attends, the more he/she will learn. If cost is an issue, we recommend that you spread the lessons out over the summer/winter. We recommend at least 2 lessons per week. One week for a child is equivalent to 1 month for adults. They do forget what they have learned if there is too much lag time between lessons. As a result, the instructor will have to spend the first half of the lesson re-teaching the same skills from the prior lesson.
How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?
Every child’s progress is different based on their age and skill level. Your instructor will have a more concrete measure of how long it may take to learn to swim. We offer private lessons for one on one instruction and semi-private lessons where we pair your child with another student of the similar age and skill level. In addition because we are open 7 days a week we find that the student may progress more quickly if they come for lessons more than just once a week. Waterworks Aquatics mission is to achieve water safety for every child by teaching all ages how to swim.
I am interested in baby swim lessons for my child, at what age do you start?
Waterworks Aquatics has a Parent and Me program starting at 3 months through 3 years of age for Mom's and Dad's who would like to join in the fun. This program provides three levels of instruction: beginner, intermediate and advanced in a group setting. Please feel free to view the current parent and me schedule on our website.
What is your policy for children who are not potty trained? Do they wear a diaper?
We enforce the double diaper policy. In this case we ask the child wear a disposable diaper with a reusable diaper over top to reinforce the prevention of an accident. In our retail center we do sell an assortment of reusable diapers, swim suits, towels and goggles.
Is Waterworks Aquatics available for private use or rental?
Absolutely, you can book your child’s Birthday Party or your Private Party at our facility. We offer the use of any of our 4 pools that are available. We will set up, clean up and run the games. You have the choice of 2 reception rooms for food, cake and beverages which you may decorate for the special event. Please contact the Birthday Party Coordinator to set up your next event.
What is your policy for cancelling lessons?
If you cancel your lessons within the designated time, we will issue you a makeup lesson which can be scheduled any time other than you regular class time.